About Natasha-lee

As a level 3 personal trainer I have been working in the fitness industry with Virgin Active Gym and David Lloyd fitness UK. After gaining my Level 2 ETM Exercise to Music certification, I’ve taught Group Exercise classes including Barre, Body Conditioning, Dance Fitness, Spin and Les Mills programs Body Pump and Body Balance for gyms across London and Surrey. My passion for helping motivate people towards better fitness levels in my classes is really what led me to Personal Training; being able to help people on a more personal level , providing more in depth, specific training. I’m always continuing to keep my fitness skills fresh and I have CPD’s in Advanced Fitness Testing, Bootcamp & Circuits, 1-1 Boxing. I’m currently training towards my black belt in MMA kickboxing and their leadership program. I use my passion for MMA Mixed Martial Arts to inspire my personal training and often find that clients enjoy 1-1 boxing and benefit from MMA style Fitness drills.

Prior to moving into fitness my background was mainly in Dance and Performing Arts. Since I studied English & Theatre Arts when I was 18 followed by an Arts MA Masters and Diploma in Dance Studies. I worked for many years as a dance teacher for dance schools & colleges, teaching ballet and commercial dance. As well as setting up my own dance company Peaches Dance Fitness Ltd. My passion for dance will always be with me and I think these formative years of dance training &teaching has given me a great base line fitness in movement and seeing people enjoying dance as a form of fitness. My dance skills & experience have led me to teaching some great dance fitness programs including Zumba, Booty Barre and Fit Steps Ballroom. I’ve also created my own branded COMMERCIAL DANCE fitness with Peaches Ltd.

I’m currently finding time to develop my Yoga training to deepen my awareness of yoga fitness and stretching for all body types. I have also created my own branded YOGA-BARRE fitness fusion class with Peaches Ltd

For more information on Peaches Dance Fitness Ltd please visit my website


If you’re interested in Personal Training I’m happy to help with your specific enquiries. Drop your details below and I’ll get back to you asap! Thank you


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