Personal Training

Personal Training

Online Personal Training 1-1, tailored programs to meet your fitness & health goals. Get in touch today for your Free Consultation and start your journey to improved health & fitness.

Current online PT Offer X 2 online sessions for £30.00, 07747080929

For Personal Training prices, discount packages, scroll to the end of this page.

Personal Training, anytime, anywhere

Whether you’ve been training at the gym for years or have just started, whatever your goals; to shed a few pounds, gain muscular tone, train for a marathon, I’d love to help you get there. Fitness can be tough but with a Personal Trainer you will be motivated to stay on track and achieve goals you may never thought were possible.

Many people ask themselves, Do I need a Personal Trainer to get fit? What are the benefits to Having a Personal Trainer? Here are my top reasons you’d benefit from a Personal Trainer:

  • Reduce injury Risk, be guided to safe & effective exercise
  • They are in-expensive, an investment in your health is never wasted
  • Accountability, you have to show up and train even when it gets hard and life gets in the way
  • Variety and creativity: a personal trainer will be objective about your training and refresh the program depending on how your training is progressing.
  • After 6 months at least with a PT you will have life long skills to be able to be more self sufficient & self motivated to train towards your goals yourself.
  • It puts the ‘Personal’ in your training. Having someone personally coaching you and giving you their undivided attention will truly help you flourish.

My Personal Training specialisms include:

  1. Strength Training: Barbell, TRX, Kettlebells
  2. 1-1 Boxing, Circuits
  3. Cardio HIIT; Interval Training
  4. Nutrition, guides for training
  5. Yoga for functional exercises & flexibility

My wide ranging specialisms provide varied, engaging workouts. I will adapt or progress your PT program every 2-3 weeks so you don’t hit a plateau and keep making gains.

Boxercise Instructor

Body Pump Instructor

My experience as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer for top industry gyms including Virgin Active and David Lloyds have developed my coaching skills and understanding of what training styles and programs help people to achieve results. My varied skills in fitness from lifting weights to yoga will help you find balance in your training and follow approved fitness methods, injury free.

My Personal Trainer certifications include:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 2 Exercise to Music, ETM
  • Nutrition, Lifetime Training
  • Advanced Fitness Testing, Lifetime Training
  • Strength-Training, Les Mills Body Pump
  • Cardio-fitness training: Running/Cycling
  • Certified Boxercise Instructor , 1-1 Boxing
  • MMA Combat Mixed Martial Arts Kickboxing
  • Fitness Dance & Yoga: Stretching & Flexibility

My current diverse skills in Personal Training include 1-1 boxing/combat, great for cardiovascular fitness and improving muscular tone as well as being a great stress buster. As a Body Pump teacher I’ve a great knowledge of various Strength training exercise with barbell weights, helping improve muscle mass, tone definition and desired body composition. Specialisms in Kettlebells and TRX I use in training sessions for a varied strength training approach and with Interval and Circuits also. I’m an avid long distance runner and cyclist and specialise in cardiovascular fitness improvement including Interval Training to help you with training for weight loss, body composition, sport or a charity race/cycle event. After all your hard training efforts, it’s so important to stretch the body and release any muscles tension. Stretching & flexibility is one of my key specialisms since I originally trained as a dancer ( ballet & modern. As a certified fitness Yoga I can help you achieve better body & mind health. Maintaining good flexibility is so essential to fitness practice as it prevents your body from injury and reduces muscle soreness built up from training. Visit my Barre, Yoga & Well-being Page for more info & advice.

Runners Stretching
Personal Training Nutrition

Nutrition is also a key part of what I can offer you with Personal Training and is vital to realising your training goals. Included in my service is a guided Nutrition plan to help support your specific training program. Advice on what types of foods to eat for your varying workouts include sample meal plans, recipes, advice on snacks and protein shakes and supplements that will help fuel your workout and help you get optimal results. Visit my Fitness Nutrition page for more info to suit your training and healthier lifestyle.

As part of my Nutrition Personal Training plan you’ll also receive 20% off Arbonne Protein Powder , which is a natural, plant based, protein mix perfect for all types of gym training. Taken as 20 grams of pure protein per scoop in your morning or pre/post workout shake it is a great health addition, containing essential vitamins & minerals. Plus Vanilla and chocolate flavour are super tasty. Adding protein into your fitness regime will help give your body back essential protein /amino acids needed for muscles repair particularly post strength or weights training. Check out my Arbonne Nutrition store.,486.aspx

Personal Training Online

Online Personal Training

Short on time? Struggling to get to the Gym? Don’t worry you’re not alone!. If you’re not a fan of the gym there are so many benefits I can recommend to Personal Training online including:

  • Accountability, no excuse not to turn up!
  • Convenience, can be done in your living room or space ( reduced travel time)
  • Its efficient, time and money saving
  • On-going online support
  • increased flexibility to suit it to your schedule.

I’ve trained many clients online and they have been surprised at how it really can work!

Personal Training Outdoors

Outdoor fitness Training

Have you ever considered training outdoors with a PT? There are many so benefits to training outdoors, especially in the summer months its wonderful to take advantage of outdoor training. As part of my Personal Training service I’m more than happy to train with you 1-1 outdoors including circuits, boot-camp, 1-1 boxing & aerobic workouts as well as long distance running training. Training outside will improve your mood with added Vitamin D from that extra sunlight. As well as giving your training regime a new boost and lease of life, you’ll be invigorated and more motivated.

Get in touch today for your FREE Personal Training Taster Session and FREE CONSULTATION. I’m more than happy to discuss with you today your personal training interests. Please leave your details below and I will get back to you asap.

Personal Training Prices & discounts

PT in home, studio or outdoors is £35.00 for a one off session, but I advice longer term PT packages to truly achieve fitness results. PT packages help you to save time and money.

PT Packages, can be used anytime over a 2 month period:

  • PT 2 : X 2 1hr sessions for £45.00 ( used within 1 month)
  • PT 4: X 4 1hr sessions for £100.00 ( used within 1 month)

PT packages over 2 month period :

  • PT 8: X 8 1 hr sessions for £200.00
  • PT 12 x 12 1 hr sessions for £360.00

PT Top Up sessions: £25.00 ,can be bought on top of these packages if you require extra.

PT Online can be arranged to suit your schedule, a one of session is just £20.00

PT Online Packages to be used over a 1 month period

  • PT 2: X2 sessions =£30.00
  • PT 4: X4 Sessions = £60.00

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require any further info on PT packages, email:

Payment method is via the Paypal link below, many thanks

Personal Training with Kettlebells

Why not try one of my online fitness workouts, you can do at home or where ever you are. Find some of my workout’s on my you-tube Channel Natasha lee Fitness. Below is an LBT moderate conditioning workout:

Follow my live online fitness workouts on Instagram:


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