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Personal Training Outdoors

During the Covid-19 lockdown here in the UK, I’ve had an increasing demand for training clients outdoors and it’s surprised my clients how beneficial it is. Now they prefer to train outside than in the gym!

Thinking about trying outdoor training? Well here are some benefits for you to consider

It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress: Studies have shown that physical activity outside lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress. As a result outdoor exercise can feel less intense than indoor exercise, pushing you to your maximum. Train outdoors and push yourself to achieve your Personal best!

It helps with Insomnia: When you exercise outdoors you get fresh air which helps alleviate insomnia. Regular exercise will help you to get fresh air, fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep!

Sunshine: Training outside brings the benefits of sunshine. Fresh air and natural light, provide more energy and invigorate the body. Sunshine provides essential Vitamin D and sunshine lifts your spirits!

Variation in your regular workout: Most indoor gym exercises can be done outside. The easiest to do are body weight exercises which are not to be underestimated; as multi-joint exercises they are super effective. A body weight exercise will enhance your coordination, balance and mobility.

An finally it will Vary your regular environment, Away from the stuffy dark gym and into natural light and open expanse is good for the eyes. It will be a chance to Try Something New, take advantage of trying out a new routine outdoors. It will definitely boost your mood


Get in touch today for your FREE CONSULTATION, and take advantage of my latest offer for outdoor Personal Training, PT X 2 Pack (x2 sessions) for £45.00

Online Fitness Classes

Online fitness schedule Jan-March 2021. Kickstart your fitness with online fitness classes. Class pass discount offers and varying workouts to choose from.

Many clients have told me they love the benefits of online classes; its more convenient, reduces travel costs and stress, workout to suit their schedule around work and family/social commitments. And in the comfort of your home. Why take class? Many people find the commitment of fitness classes boost their overall fitness and plus its super fun & social. I advice mixing classes up with PT!

I offer a range of online classes that may well suit the type of workout you’re after from Interval Training, to Legs Bums and Core, to Dance Cardio, Barre and or Vinyassa Yoga. The timetable above shows my current online classes. And below is a break down of each class.

Current Online Class-Pass offer: x5 classes for £20.00 can be used for any class and valid within 3 month period.

Alternatively class is PAYG, drop-in £5.00. Payment via Paypal.

Online classes are via the Zoom platform

Get in touch today to trial an online class and I’ll send you the Zoom link to join:

Alternatively follow my daily fitness class news and Zoom links on my Facebook page:

Online Yoga: This class is based in Vinyassa Power flow yoga. This style of yoga is very dynamic and has continual flow. It will stretch and release any muscle tension, bring balance and harmony. As well as inner calm and peace.

Level: Basic-Intermediate. (some prior Yoga experience required)

Equipment: Yoga Mat, blanket, yoga blocks

Online HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training Classes for an ultimate fitness blast and challenge. Boosting your cardiovascular system and strength with this workout. Increase your metabolism and burn a heap load of calories.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment: Thigh Resistance band & light to medium weights, fitness mat

LBC, Legs Bums & Core: This workout focuses on the lower body conditioning of the legs, bums and core. It includes aerobic cardio exercise at the beginning of the session to warm you up followed by a L,B,C workout. Get ready to sweat and work your bootywith this one!

Dance Cardio & LBC: Love to dance? need to improve your cardio? Dance is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Easy to follow dance fitness moves that are fun and easy to follow with a short LBC conditioning finisher. This is a ‘feel good’ sweaty session and endorphins booster!

Level: Beginner-Advanced

Equipment: fitness mat, light to medium thigh resistance band.

Barre: Barre is a wonderful fitness fusion class that fuses basic ballet fitness dance, cardio and body conditioning with light weights. It will improve your strength & balance whilst toning the muscles. Leaving you with the strength & grace of a dancer.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Equipment: Light weights, yoga mat, long 3 meter resistance band.

Commercial Dance: For you true dance lovers out there join every Wednesday at 16.00pm UK London time for an online for Commercial Dance class fusing Jazz and street dance. Class includes body conditioning and stretch.

All Classes are btw 40-50 minutes long. Leave your details below to be added to the mailing list or to join class this week!

Thanks, Natasha

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